Visarjan- Acrylic Painting, This form of painting is called as Pichhwai painting. Pichhwai are large devotional Hindu Painting pictures, normally on cloth, which portray Krishna. They are mainly made to hang in Hindu temples of the Pushtimarg devotional tradition, especially in Srinath hi temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan built around 1672. The above painting is my imagination Illustrating lotus, lotus fruits and a peacock feathers. Lotus reflects Goddess Laxmi and peacock feathers reflecting Krishna. The background blue depicting water; Laxmi and Narayan are the two Gods who reside in the element of water. The philosophy behind this painting is where Laxmi Narayan are inviting the viewers to the element of water bearing fruits.
Dimensions: 11.75/8.25 INCHES

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