House of Hiral is the creative brainchild of Hiral Mehta, a self taught artist venturing into coming up with lifestyle products that have an innovative and artistic edge. Hiral Mehta is a Mix Media Contemporary Artist. Her journey as an artist began at the age of 12. Her first love was mandalas, she captivated by the unique detailing that forms an essential part of a mandala; from there on her hunger for learning art just increased and she progressed to zentangle’s and flowers. She started her first landscape and face sketches at her drawing class in Bangalore as a kid. Her room used to be decorated with her pieces.

In the meantime she was representing the State of Karnataka in Athletics but doodling and sketching were her favourite stress buster’s.

She went on to pursue her Bachelor’s in Travel & Tourism & Masters in Human Resources. She started writing philosophy and poems at the age of 23 and started to pursue art again. In the interim, she worked as an HR in TCS around 3 years in Bangalore. Little did she know the change that was awaiting her. She found her love and shifted to Mumbai and started painting on hand made books while searching for a job. But when she did sell her first hand painted diary! There was no looking back.

She went on to selling canvases. Her first commissioned work went to the World Art Center, Dubai in 2018. The same year one of my paintings found a place at the Raj Bhavan, Karnataka. I went on to exhibit my Paintings at the Jehangir Art Gallery on 2019 which was a huge break for me.

Her artworks are displayed in Grandmama’s Cafe Menu to the old famous Colaba Building sketches as a part of a heritage jewellery store, The Minerali Popli. My Paintings have also found a niche hanging from the trees by the dinning area as a part of a decor organized by A Klass Apart for a London Fashion Blogger Brides Wedding at Udaipur to my artworks containing old famous buildings of Bandra with models /girls wearing silhouette exclusively designed by Payal Singhal for her Bandra Store.

It has been an extraordinary journey for me and I look forward to many such enlightening journeys in my lifetime !

- Hiral Mehta

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