The Story Behind House Of Hiral

The Story Behind House Of Hiral

Starting your own brand can be daunting, It takes a lot of hard work and commitment into starting something that represents and embodies YOURSELF!

A few years ago, I decided to embark upon this journey of starting my very own brand and just like everyone else, I too put in a lot of blood, sweat and love into building up a brand of my own.

This process has been challenging; for any beginner entrepreneur, but I couldn’t be more overjoyed with what I have developed and achieved over time.

This baby has grown into the brand known today as “House of Hiral”.

What is House of Hiral?

I started my brand “House of Hiral”, wanting to venture out into creating quirky and unique Artworks and Lifestyle products into the market 3 years ago.

The philosophy of my brand mainly focuses on the ETIG formula, which stands for;





We Believe in delivering the very best to our clients while following this philosophy!

Coming up with a logo is very important to any brand, it’s what your potential customersidentify you by.

If you see my logo, there are two brushes of either corners inside a bowl within H, when you look closely, it creates a formation of “HOH” (Go ahead and check out my logo!)

Standing out as a brand is not something that’s easily achievable, with the huge amount of competition in today’s market.

Each one wants to be different from each other, to be more memorable to customers’ and so do we at HOH.

What makes my Artworks so unique and different?

It’s the detailing that goes into each piece of art for every specific client.

I have quite the knack in understanding my customers philosophy!

I also digitally create my artworks first for my clients, of course keeping my genre as well as the clients requirements in mind and once it’s approved, I hand paint them on canvas.

My digital artwork have proven to be such a huge benefit as a part of my brands USP. Once the customer becomes the owner of a particular artwork they can then print it themselves, on absolutely any material; from canvases to mugs (the list goes on...)

There’s just nothing like creating a piece of artwork that you can keep your whole life and use it anywhere you want, is there?!

My lifestyle products are quite unique as they have my very own designs positioned and printed on them, which won’t be found anywhere else apart from HOH!

Custom prints are also done according to our client requirements.

You can check out our latest lifestyle products on our website shop!

Growth being an integral part of our philosophy, is also the biggest differentiating factor of my brand, where knowledge and skill improvement is advantageous and is the Unique selling point in my business.

HOH can be described as being unique and different, but there are other layers to my brand that represents me, so if I had to describe my own brand using adjectives/random words,I’d describe House of Hiral as, POWERFUL, FUN, QUIRKY, MAGICAL AND MYSTICAL! 🙂

The face behind the brand

Now that you guys know more about my brand and understand the philosophy behind it. Let me tell you more about myself in a bit more detail.

I am Hiral Mehta, a self-taught Mix Media Contemporary Artist from Bangalore. I’ve always loved art, but went onto studying my Bachelor’s in Travel & Tourism & Masters in Human Resource’s.

I also have a huge passion for writing poetry. Both my poetry and artwork are an inspiration from nature; as nature has always given me a sense of peace and tranquility.

About 3 years ago, I got married and in the interim started painting on hand made books while I also was searching for a job.

But when I sold my first hand painted diary, there was no looking back I went on to doing various projects with amazing places like Grandmama’s cafe (a leading restaurant chain in Mumbaiand Pune), Payal Singhal (a leading Fashion designer), Minerali Popli (a heritage jewellery store) and one of my painting is at Raj Bhavan Karnataka.

My journey as an artist began at the age of 12. I first loved creating mandalas, i was absolutely captivated by the unique detailing that forms an essential part of a mandala! From there my hunger for learning art just grew. I joined drawing classes in Bangalore and learnt my first landscape and making portraits there.

Art has always been a huge stress buster for me I used to doodle and sketch! (such a great way to destress).

Apart from art I have various other passions. But there’s nothing more I love than being a creator. It is impossible that I would not be an artist, but apart from that I would love to become a travel blogger, an influencer, a poet and a philosopher.

I was about to start my own food truck 3 years ago, but that didn’t happen.

Perhaps, if I didn’t leave my previous job I would have still been working in Human Resource’s and would have not been a full time artist.

But, I always knew that HR is something that I didn’t want to pursue and I wanted to start a business of my own.


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